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The men of the Texas Alpha chapter of Sig Ep are happy to welcome everyone back for another productive and fun spring semester at the University of Texas. The chapter is as strong as ever on all fronts, and I want to provide a short update on the status of the chapter.



The fall 2015 grade rankings are yet to be released, but we expect to maintain our strong position as one of the top fraternities on campus in terms of academics. Last spring, we were ranked #2 out of 27 fraternities on campus, with a 3.34 average GPA that topped the all-campus average of 3.21. Last semester, we had more than 10 active members earn 4.0 GPAs, and several dozen earned higher than a 3.6. The new EC is in the stages of beginning an academic counseling board of upperclassmen, designed to mentor and guide underclassmen, that will surely help put us in the #1 overall GPA spot.



This year’s Rush Chair is Thomas Laidlaw (’18), a Dallas native that is excited to get things underway. As a reminder, we conduct our rush in the spring and early summer, so please forward any recommendations to Thomas sometime in the next couple of months so that we can assemble our rush list in a timely fashion and no one gets left off the list of potential new members. Thomas and the rush team will have fun picking ~55 of the most upstanding men coming to Austin next fall, and our chapter’s strong legacy is sure to be continued.



Per usual, the Sig Eps have maintained the strongest on campus presence of any fraternity at UT. Our members are presidents of several clubs in McCombs, Cockrell and the Liberal Arts school, our involvement with IFC is strong, our revived intramurals are winning more than ever, and our members have maintained a deep involvement in student government and in Texas Cowboys and Silver Spurs.



Last fall we hosted a number of successful, fun events, including Parent’s Weekend, a concert by Shane Smith and the Saints, our signature fall parties, a philanthropic auction that raised several thousand dollars for the Boys & Girls Club of Austin and for the Bastrop community, and of course, several awesome tailgates.

Looking forward to this spring, we have another exciting semester. We will have our annual dodgeball tournament, which is sure to raise thousands of dollars for the charity, in two weeks. We will also be hosting a concert by Cory Morrow, a spring Parent’s Weekend, and yet another philanthropy event with another fraternity, with proceeds going to breast cancer research.


The men of Texas Alpha are euphoric with the continued success of the chapter, and we look forward to the continual refining of our culture of success far into the future. Because of our chapter’s unparalleled leadership, involvement, scholarship and continued alumni support, we will undoubtedly remain the most elite fraternity on UT’s campus for years to come. Thank you to all of y’all for the continued support, as none of the chapter’s success would be possible without your generosity and giving. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or suggestions for our chapter. Have a great spring!



Nick Lednicky, ‘17


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(713) 291-1240